GINA Tablet

Arrive at the scene faster & well prepared

GINA Tablet

Faster arrival

Emergency vehicles

Less radio communication



  • Simple receiving of dispatch list
  • Status dispatching with confirmation
  • Statuses do not depend on radio signal
  • Real time tracking for all cooperating units
  • Offline turn-by-turn navigation
  • Current traffic situation
  • Possibility to directly call the announcer of the incident
GINA Tablet


  • Mutual coordination of the units arrival
  • Possibility to take, edit and transmit photos
  • Shared operational view with map drawings
  • Points of interest
  • Access to external applications (RESCAR, HAZMAT)
  • Access to evacuation plans
  • Case context related media
GINA Tablet


  • Archive of the photos
  • Display the actual units’s route
  • Customizable data store
  • Confi gurable contact list and documentation
  • History of dispatch lists
GINA Tablet


GINA Tablet

Android tablet with a GSM module, a camera and a microSD card for offline maps

GINA Tablet

Sygic with emergency maps (offline turn-by-turn navigation, road closures, traffic situation)

GINA Tablet

SSL channel (AES 256-bit), ISO27001 infrastructure

GINA Tablet

Telephone network (GSM module), GPRS optimized

GINA Tablet

Evacuation plans, hazmat database, phone list, external maps

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I can fully recommend GINA Tablet to any firefighting unit. I have been working as a firefighter for more than 20 years but the benefits of modern technology in last years are just priceless and we are the first ones who should be using it in the first place.

I would like to highlight the cooperation with the GINA. On the way to the scene, I can use valuable minutes in the vehicle and I can fully prepare for the specific scene aspects. The other day we found out we were going to a car crash involving three vehicles instead of the only one mentioned.

There are lots of practical examples of how good using GINA System in tablets is. Every day we see that using this technology makes work of our employees, more precisely commanders of vehicles or units, much easier no matter if they are still on their way to the site or at the site itself.

Working with GINA is a big leap forward for me. Having all information about the incidents together within a single platform saves my time and it gives me the power to interpret this information for the press. Time is crucial in your job and it literally saves lives. Photos which are fully integrated in the GINA system are another great feature. But the greatest part is that we can arrive to the incident by the fastest and shortest possible route.

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